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NaturalE NYC

Born and raised in Manhattan, I am a city girl at heart. But there was always something about those weekend trips to the country, where as a child I happily traded my man-made toys for hours of play with twigs, leaves and rocks I found outside. I created elaborate scenarios and pretended I was making healing foods and medicines. Nature was amazing, if only I could unlock its secrets.

As I grew up, I began to devour books on aromatherapy, Ayurveda and holistic medicine. When many department store skincare brands I was buying did not live up to their claims, I began researching specific ingredients to become a more informed consumer.

I learned that materials derived from nature often give the best results. This led to creating my own professional formulas over the next few years. I set out to make bath and beauty for a girl on the go who wants simple, yet luxurious products that work. I put a lot of thought into my formulas and the effect they have my clients' mind, body and spirit.

One of my biggest compliments was when a spiritual teacher I admired told me that she found them to be nurturing. I feel lucky and grateful for that positive intention to come through in my collection.